the ultimate video link to summer 2011 critical care nursing project

sorry if this is crossposted too much – but I wish to share this widely. Twenty three minute description of my Nepal summer project 2011, done by a professional photojournalist. partially edited.

Several things to point out.

First,I was grateful for the use of the classroom space at Lalitpur Nursing Campus in Sanepa. The school is located in a former Rana-era palace, and this was the ballroom -crystal chandelierand all.

Next, we did these drills every class day. There were three simultaneous stations; only mineis shown.

If you listen carefully to the background during theinterview at the end, some women in the neighborhoood were chanting a Buddhist hymn.




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2 responses to “the ultimate video link to summer 2011 critical care nursing project

  1. gruve

    Joe – Wonderful to see you in action! As is often the case when I’m getting over a cold (which having a five-year-old, I get a lot of) I can’t sleep. So I’m very glad to have this sort of entertainment.

    Do you know what the singing go on in the background during the interview portion was? (Other than kind of cool).

    And, is it that young Nepali women, young female nursing students or young Nepali female nursing students are so beautiful?

    – Steve

    • Thank you for the compliment. I realize that the short snippets of video I made myself just showed the actual team performance but not the prep or the de-briefing, each of which is critical to the process. As you can imagine, people need to be in a certain head space to do this, whether in Nepal or in USA, and this is oa nice aspect of this video – the journalist who did it was able to capture the whole process. I have taught related material since 1981, and yes, I knew I needed to bring my A game with me to Nepal. A couple of the days I taught despite being quite sick, but I think this was a healthy day.

      As for the singing – it seemed to be a half-dozen or more women from an upper floor of that particular bahal (courtyard) in Pulchowk. In the notes I said it was Hinu; but this was only a few blocks from my guest house, and (of course – doh) this is a neighborhood of Newar Buddhist ethnic group. For that reason it has to be a Buddhist meditational song. This is like identidfying a bird ina thicket by only hearing the call it amkes….. The Newari ethnic group is a fascinating a “fun” subgrouping of Nepali culture. I suppse the short answer to your question would be “I dunno”.

      As for physical appearance of the students? I would be better of to reserve comments. BUT I will add that this crew was also pretty darned smart and dedicated!

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