“we could make beautiful music together…” (pick up line)

while in Nepal, I went out of my way to find the Everest Brass Band, which features some astounding trumpet playing. Take a look at my YouTube clips.
Thinking of buying a “new” trumpet….. new to me, that is.

You need to know that I once bought a used trumpet for $35 out of the front window of a gun store in Skowhegan Maine – I played it for ten years.

My present instrument is a Cerveny rotary-valve trumpet I bought in 1993 for a pile of dough. I got it because after attedning a music workshop in 1993 where I played with the Zlatne Uste Brass Band. The guys all had them. The rotary valves are a conversation piece – people always come up to me and ask me what da heck it is…..

Cerveny is the Czech word for "Brass"There is  only one other trumpet like it in Honolulu – nobody with any sense will steal it. It is so distinctive that it can’t be mistaken for anything else.

while we are on the subject, and if you truly must know, I use a Bach 1 1/2 C mouthpiece.

In the meantime, I had this idea of getting a pocket trumpet……

And on the internet i found these photos as a site called Trumpet Gearhead….

what curves..... I want to hold this in my hand.....

This is a Holton C 150 pocket cornet – no longer manufactured, unfortunately – but – just look at it.  those curves – you wonder what each pipe does, it’s like the engine of a steam ship, or one of those espresso machines from italy – OMG  I would love to caress this –
We could make bee you tee full music together!
Serious case of trumpet lust happening right now –
Q. what’s the difference between a man and a boy?
A. the price of his toys.
here is another view of the same one.

all this and more.....

Ain’t she sweet?
The problem is, these were essentially handmade – guess I will have to settle for one that is a little less fancy…..


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7 responses to ““we could make beautiful music together…” (pick up line)

    • Steve Steve Steve –

      Yes, I have seen that page….. You are correct – there’s lots of pocket strumpetfish swimming in the deep blue musical sea.

      I am in search of a Long Term Relationship and the trumpets on that page are not the kind that will satisfy. I have had short term relationships with cheap trumpets. You think they are solid brass but they are not. After awhile you just want them to go.

      What I want, though, is The One. Bright, curvy, responsive, feels good to hold in my hands…… Not just any strumpet in the pocket line will satisfy….. I need a trumpet that will go the distance and beg for more. I have standards!

      O Golly, the desire for a Holton C 150 has taken hold and I have eyes and ears for nothing else….

      Save me……

      • gruve

        Them, Joe, you should settle for no less! Seek until your dream is found! (And perhaps setting up alerts on eBay and Google wouldn’t hurt).

  1. M A

    Why not make your own the way you want it? In your spare time, of course. M A :)

    • Geezum, M A- I guess you figured that my last name is Polish! I come from a long line of build-it yourself guys, what they lacked in tools they made up in jury-rigging something clever, and it would eventually do the job. My uncle the shipbuilder and welder would take it as a personal challenge to crank one
      out for me, if he were still alive.

      I can easily picture them
      disassembling a trumpet; the hard part is putting it back together in the new way! You got me ROTFL. I can picture my dad or any one of my male relatives, back on a slow day in Thorndike……yup, after a few beers that thing would be getting good mileage!

      By golly, metal fabrication is what made this country great.

      Time to share the heritage – no, my birthright – with a new generation. Maybe I will start experimenting – I could put a full-size horn in the trash masher and see what comes out. Surely it will be shorter!

  2. A friend of mine who rides a motorcycle saw the Holton C 150 and said “That’s loooks just the exhaust manifold of a classic Harley-Davidson bike! Look at the chrome!”. And today I was on the North Shore when a bunch of guys roared by – I think he is right.

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