destination: Maine Nov 20th 2011

From the airport terminal in Philly, Sunday morning

Three months ago some former colleagues in Maine got a grant from the Libra Foundation to promote crosscultural awareness among nurses there ( it’s a homogenous state, homogenized like milk….) and they had this idea to feature my work in Nepal. Originally I could not get the time off to attend in person, and so we were going to do a teleconference link. But now through a strange set of circumstances, I am able to go to the Pine Tree State and be “live” … and I will throw in a visit with my daughters on the side.

Nov 21st from 0900 to 1100 in Augusta on ITV network

I will be appearing live and in person at the University of Maine at Augusta, the state Capital, Monday the 21st. The event will be broadcast to five locations around the state. Eighty people there have read my book as part of a course assignment – I have been in front of large audiences, but not when so many have actually read the book. I am told it’s created a stir over there!

My Life flashes before me?

I brought a copy with me on the plane – the first time I myself had opened it in awhile – and I was thinking, gee – I remember that event – fun to reread my own stuff from a new perspective. There are parts I would change, if I had it to write it all over again. On the other hand, I cried at the sad parts. I am still a softie. When you crank out a hundred thousand words, you don’t put the same effort into every single word – there were a bunch of places where the ratio of time to words was high – and where I can recall sitting for hours struggling to describe some of the events. Those persons who have read the book can guess the places I am talking about…..

Wintering over on an island

My younger daughter is spending the winter in Northeast Harbor Maine – and I will be the first overnight guest at her cabin there, quite an honor. This is a gem of a coastal Maine town – at the head of Somes Sound. In summer, Sweet Cottage rents for $2,000 per week. In winter, the tourist trade drops off considerably, so she has got a deal to keep it occupied until May. It’s beside the merriest babbling brook on Mount Desert Island, and a short walk to Asticou Terraces…

Maine Humor?

My daughter is prolly the best twentysomething Maine Humorist out there. A difficult legacy to assume – the pantheon includes E.B. White, Marshall Dodge, Tim Sample, Paul LePage ( by default; he thinks he is serious) – She has her own blog, titled mainethewaylifeturnedout, here in wordpress. Take a look at it.

Fried Clams?

She says I will get a bean supper while I am there – (“with red hot dogs?” i asked – “yes” she said!) complete with brown bread and ginger bread for dessert. An old friend of mine would say “that’s half of a Maine Saturday night!” and I laugh…. to get to her place I need to pass the Trenton Grange Hall – and other delights. I am a “Past Master” of P of H #550. Alas, I will not be there for a contra dance…..

But from the foodie end of things, I am salivating at the prospect of New England Seafood – forgot how much I missed it – I may very well be eating fried clams with bellies, every day….. not for breakfast though.

I wil be renting a car in Boston and driving north, later today. I am still wearing shorts and my red Heinz Ketchup t-shirt – I dug my polar fleece out of the closet and I did bring long trousers –

Deep Cultural References

I lived in Skowhegan for years, a dairy industry stronghold, and a dairy man once told me never eat red hot dogs “them’s BULL MEAT!” he would say…. I admit I can’t sday as how I have seen them in Honolulu….

…. and every bean supper blends together in memory…..


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