Did you ever work with one of these doctors? – the 12 Medical Specialty Stereotypes – too good not to share

Health status update

Had the opportunity to speak with an orthopedic surgeon today, in his professional capacity.

I told him “hey, I am really really good at chest X-rays” (true, I am not bragging here I can back it up) “but I don’t know anything about knees.”

After the physical exam, history taking etc he turned to me to say:

“There is a problem with your knee” at which point I laughed.

I said ” That’s it! you have proved that you are not an imposter. that’s exactly what I expected you to say. You are an orthopedic surgeon through and through!

He chuckled and said, “You know, my advisors laughed at me when I said I was going to study infectious diseases. They said orthopedics was the only logical  specialty for me. something to do with my personality type…….”

“And occasionally I am called to look at a clavicle fracture but I don’t do chest X-rays.”

So it was a pleasant collegial exchange, and BTW it was very helpful. Nowhere near as serious as I was worrying about.  A simple cure, I will spare the rest of the details. I still need to lose weight and get into better shape. To overdo the exercise was what got me into this fix in the first place.

I think the nature of nurses is to worry and to think the worst…… which got me to thinking.

Physician Stereotypes

I did a quick websearch and found this site.

which is the source of this cartoon:

who ever drew this was spot on, IMHO.

We do need to laugh every now and again……… you can share with me as to whether you think it’s true or not…..

at the website where this resided, somebody pointed out that General Surgery was missing…. inexplicably so – probably my fave among specialties –

Surgery Jokes?

Possibly because General Surgery is not funny. under any circumstance.

Many years ago in Maine I was ice-fishing with a General Surgeon, the same guy who did the Caesarean Delivery of my oldest child. We were discussing this very subject, and he told me the following:

An internist, a surgeon and a pathologist were duck hunting one weekend. they were sharing dinner in the remote cabin when some ducks flew overhead.

“Judging by the call, and the flight formation, and the time of day, there a seventy percent possibility that it was a flight of mallards, but we can’t truly rule out Canadian Geese” said the internist.

The surgeon grabs a shotgun, and fires it through thee wall in the direction of the sound.

He tosses the shotgun to the floor, turns to the pathologist, and says

“Make sure they are ducks’

perhaps not quite so au courant in this day of advanced imaging…

Oh, and I forgot to ask him as to when I could resume playing the piano. Oh well….



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6 responses to “Did you ever work with one of these doctors? – the 12 Medical Specialty Stereotypes – too good not to share

  1. Gaynor Sheahan

    That is very very funny. Just love it. And yes, so true.

  2. David Croaker

    Well, I’ll bite:
    How do you hide $50 from an orthopaedic surgeon?
    Put it in a book.

    How do you hide $50 from an plastic surgeon?
    You can’t.

    How do you hide $50 from an paediatric surgeon?
    What’s a $50 dollar note look like?

  3. jpacklin

    I was hoping to get to the Cardiologist stereotype…there really needs to be a caricature of that one!

    • cardiologists are a subset of internists – the “normal: ones, or rather, the baseline. I expect a cardiologist to be welll-adjusted and not subject to easy stereotyping…..

      • jpacklin

        I haven’t had much real world experience, but every cardiologist I ever met was a type-A personality macho type. Similar to the neurosurgeons caricature.

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