taking suggestions for next blog entry

it’s the end of semester and I have been busy – so, not as many new blog entries.

I will be away on the mainland all summer, starting in two weeks, and I expect to slow down on this blog.

the last entry, on foreign nurse requirements, was surprisingly popular  – seems to still attract a lot of attention qday.

Got any requests for topics for future blogs? let me know.

I look through the “search engine terms” to get ideas – I notice that there is a lot of interest in “obsessive-compulsive disorder in nursing” and may be I will expand my previous comments on this.



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2 responses to “taking suggestions for next blog entry

  1. jpacklin

    I want to know your thoughts on why nursing schools go out of their way to recruit students but give little to no career guidance/assistance…Or maybe my experience is not consistent with other schools…

    • Okay. A longer answer will come later.

      In ten words or less, most of the time there were plenty of RN jobs out there and any person with a BS and a license could get one at the entry level.

      Those days will return.

      Go to the Job Fair and write a report!


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