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Choosing a new name for this blog – “Nursing in Hawaii”

This goes out to all my loyal subscribers. THANK YOU for reading.

The blog was formerly named “Honolulu 2011-2012” to distinguish it from Kathmandu Summer 2011, but I will soon be back on Oahu, and writing once again. I had a great summer backpacking on the mainland.

I think I climbed up and over about two hundred of these…. it sure feels that way!

Q.  Where was I?

A: Hiking the Appalachian Trail in the mountains of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia. I hiked about 330 miles.

yes, on foot.

Summer break will soon be over

and it is time to get to work. I will be on the east coast for two more weeks and arrive on Oahu Aug 13th.

New catchy name for the blog?

the new name will be “Nursing in Hawaii” which is broad enough to encompass many topics. please pass along the link to all your friends and encourage them to subscribe. I hope to continue to share advice for the nurses new to the workforce.

I will write about other nursing topics as well. Role socialization has been a favorite; such things as organizational behavior, health policy, etc.


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thank you, Medscape

My Long Walk

been a bit out of touch, enjoying the hike. see my other blog, about the trip along the A.T. in the southeastern USA.  As of July 15th, I have logged 250 miles. I enjoyed Tennessee and North Carolina, but was happy to get to Damascus, VA. I have about ten more days……

Return to civilization

Imagine my delight to see the book recommendation from Medscape. the premise was simple:

Books for Nurses

If you love to read, you’re always looking for that next great book. To find out what books speak to nurses, we asked Medscape readers and Medscape Nurses Editorial Advisory Board members to recommend books that affected them profoundly, inspired them as nurses, or changed the way they viewed healthcare or patients. Did your favorite make the list?

My book was there, along with a re-issue of Florence Nightingale’s Notes on Nursing.  The blurb was:

The Hospital at the End of the World

According to Medscape Advisory Board member and author Carolyn Buppert, The Hospital at the End of the World, by Joe Niemczura (Plain View Press; 2009), was written by a nurse/faculty member in Hawaii who teaches nursing students and nurses in Nepal during summer breaks. The book is part travelogue, part philosophy, and very entertaining. The author also has a blog where he writes on topics of interest to nurses, such as “How to Succeed at a Summer Nursing Internship.”

My hat is off to Carolyn Buppert,RN, JD, a textbook writer in her own right.

the cover. the temple on the cover is “Boudhanath,” – known as a site for “Kora” – walking meditation. I am doing a lot of that, these days.

The immediate consequence is that I got about 800 blog hits beyond the usual; also, acording to Amazon book sales tracking, The Hospital at the End of the World got to #10,721 at one point. Amazon carries 8,000,000 titles;  what tends to happen is that as the initial publicity fades, a book sinks in the rankings…..I’m surprised to get ranked there after three years in print.


Okay, that’s hardly in the category of  NY Times best seller (i.e., numbers 1 through 20).  I suppose every author with a passionate viewpoint wishes to appear on Oprah. Since a good measure of my book describes problems with no solution, I never harbored such a conceit – When people read about global health issues, the want to end on an upbeat positive hopeful  note, which I refused to do. That is why it is a niche book. But, I think I will always sell a  few copies year after year. In the book biz, that makes it an “evergreen.”

My harshest critics

The NGO in Nepal with which I worked,  asks potential new volunteers to read it before arrival in Nepal. To me,  it’s quite flattering to think I have gained the respect of my most knowledgeable readers. (Many of whom are portrayed in the book and have contributed reviews of it). I invite any nurse or doctor thinking of serving in South Asia, to contact me.

The platform

Even if you don’t buy the book, please do look at theYouTube Channel and FB fan page. We can all benefit from greater awareness of on-the-ground  challenges in this planet we share.

Thank you, Ms Buppert and thank you to Medscape!

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