Choosing a new name for this blog – “Nursing in Hawaii”

This goes out to all my loyal subscribers. THANK YOU for reading.

The blog was formerly named “Honolulu 2011-2012” to distinguish it from Kathmandu Summer 2011, but I will soon be back on Oahu, and writing once again. I had a great summer backpacking on the mainland.

I think I climbed up and over about two hundred of these…. it sure feels that way!

Q.  Where was I?

A: Hiking the Appalachian Trail in the mountains of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia. I hiked about 330 miles.

yes, on foot.

Summer break will soon be over

and it is time to get to work. I will be on the east coast for two more weeks and arrive on Oahu Aug 13th.

New catchy name for the blog?

the new name will be “Nursing in Hawaii” which is broad enough to encompass many topics. please pass along the link to all your friends and encourage them to subscribe. I hope to continue to share advice for the nurses new to the workforce.

I will write about other nursing topics as well. Role socialization has been a favorite; such things as organizational behavior, health policy, etc.


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