Mitt Romney and the future of nursing – NOT

executive summary: PLease share this with every nurse you know. Nurses have a stake in this election. Vote!

Here is a video every nurse needs to watch, before they make up their mind as to voting for Romney.

This candidate has done everything he can to hide his agenda regarding women’s health.

and if you need more examples:

Every woman needs to know that if Rmoney is elected the agenda for women’s health will be to ensure that women are the property of any man who claims them. If you are raped, for example, the rapist has a say in whether you carry the baby to term.

we will return to the days of backstreet abortions.

Romney lies.  Romney will say anything to any group.

dating advice

When my daughters were teenagers, I used to tell them never to date any boys who lied to get what they wanted. Likewise, we should not be voting for politicians who lie.

Pretty simple, really.



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3 responses to “Mitt Romney and the future of nursing – NOT

  1. Justin Acklin, BSN, RN

    I know you’re risking some angry comments by taking your blog into a political direction, but nurses MUST know about this. I’m shocked when I see the polls about how many women plan to vote for Romney — they must truly not be aware what the GOP agenda is in sending women’s rights back a century.

    • send this along to every nurse you know. I happen to live in a state that will be reliable for Obama…. which is good (I love the people here) and bad (my vote is not as important as it would be if I lived in Ohio).

      I am not wuite old enough to have experienced firsthand the results of backstreet abortions, but I have met women who presented with Toxic Shock Syndrome and other manifestations of lack of women’s health info. We need to never go back to those days. I have considered whether to post a blog entry on “how to perform a backstreet abortion” to show how ridiculously easy it woudl be, for any of the three million nurses who have enough knowledge to do it. I am a firm believer in choice, and in women’s right to control their own body. Furthermore, abortion needs to be in the hands of Medical Doctors, not politicians ( or backstreet abortionists!)

  2. I hate to vote based on one factor but this is so wrong in my book (Romney) I may just vote Obama. . .

    I have heard people say there is no way he would ever be able to pass this but Roe vs Wade definatley has some legal loop holes to be gotten into so I don’t trust that a determined leader couldn’t do it.

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