It’s Official – Hawaii has an “oversaturated” market for nurses

Update: As of October 30, 2013, the job market seems to be easing.  click here to get to an updated blog.

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Is this really news?

The Honolulu Advertiser Sunday April 28th, 2013  edition included an article on page D-1 titled Nurses Wait for Jobs. (as of 2014 this is a year old…)

The subtitle?  recent graduates end up competing for a few positions in an “oversaturated” market.

Here is the link, but there is a warning – The Honolulu Star-Advertiser will ask you to buy a subscription in order to read it. Bummer. It is well-written though.

In summary, the Honolulu article describes the recent closure of Hawaii Medical Center East & West, the number of currently registered nurses who are working in jobs that do not a require an RN, the predictions of the Hawaii State Center for Nursing, and the statistic from one of the major hospital groups that they now have 150 recently-graduated RNs on the payroll in non-nursing positions. This latter effort is admirable but it makes you wonder how long it can be sustained.

The article tries to end on a hopeful note, saying that in a year or two things will be better.

National Student Nurses Association

It’s important to get a feel for whether this is just a collection of stories or not. Here is some data.

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There is a quarterly publication of the National Student Nurses Association named “Dean’s Notes” and their Jan 2013 issue focused on the results of a nationwide survey of new graduates that showed a lot of info about this very subject. click here to find the URL – go to “Jan 13 issue” and it will appear by magic.

UPDATE May 17 – one of the Universities is offering a refresher course in clinical skills this summer for those RNs not employed in the RN role. I think this is a great idea for keeping skills sharp.

I am very curious to know my reader reactions on this subject. please feel free to comment.



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6 responses to “It’s Official – Hawaii has an “oversaturated” market for nurses

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  2. Lyn

    Without access to the article, hard to comment. Are there RN jobs available in general – public health, community health, long term care, occupational health – but oversaturation in terms of hospital staff RNs? Seems the only way to get a foot in the door for hospital nursing on Oahu is to start as a clinical aide and wait for a staff position to open up. Also cross fingers and hope some entity takes over Oahu’s HMC east & west. Maybe long term care is the place where all the RN jobs are. I do sympathize; this is a hard time to be a new grad.

  3. lane

    This is interesting because on look at any of the hospital’s job listings (Queens and Castle) and it appears there ARE openings many of which only require a year or two experience. Are these all new grads taking jobs they are all over qualified for? And are they all from HPU And UH? I would think these schools should be advising their graduates to aim higher.

    • Thank you. The market seems to be very complicated, for the reasons you describe.

      I am a bit biased about UH. I think it’s a terrific school, and I am honored to be a part of it. I think the young men and women we produce are terrific.

      And yet – as the article states – so many of these promising persons are being shunted into jobs for which they are overqualified.

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