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nobody wants to teach nursing

received a provocative link from a colleague.

see below


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a simple test when you meet a new doctor

aloha while in Nepal I have concentrated on m Nepal blog, but that doesn’t mean I have abandoned m loyal readers here on nursing in Hawaii.

how do you decide to trust your doctor

Okay, for years I have applied a test whenever I meet a new doctor, whether it’s as a colleague, socially, or as a patient.

“Got time? Got a reflex hammer? Wondering if you can help me with this symptom I’m having,” it starts.

Almost any implement will do if a reflex hammer is not available. Most docs don’t seem to carry one these days.

I did this on a transpacific flight too, once, for a gorgeous babe across the aisle, who giggled and said “I have that too! Does your migrate like mine?!?!?” After which a nine-hour flight seemed to be over in a half-hour. But I digress.

It’s a test of the sense of humor. If the doctor in question does not laugh immediately, I make a mental note never to seek assistance from that person no matter how dire.

So, I sit.

And tap the *right* patellar reflex zone,

upon which the *left* leg jumps.

Get it?

Last evening I was introduced to a young veterinarian from Galway, here to volunteer with an NGO that spays and neuters the many stray critters of this town. Mostly dogs. ( Nepal needs this…..yes it does).

“You learn about large mammals in vet school, don’t you?” Sez I.

“Yes, mainly cattle, pigs and horses.”

“Well, I wonder if you can explain this symptom I have been having? Got a reflex hammer?”

“Vets don’t usually use that tool,” he sez warily.

“Watch.” And I showed him my reflex.

He laughed, an unselfconscious Irish laugh. he gave a wide grin.

“Saints be praised.”

then he turned serious, “I’m afraid you’re going to have to be put down. Wait right here. I’ll be back in a minute with a syringe.”

Simply not on the list of answers any family practice doc ever gave me.



PS still having fun here, past the halfway mark. It’s been rainy every day. Keeps the dust down. OTOH, road traffic accidents are up. Two major ones involving buses, on routes I recently took. Glad to be staying home for the present.

I’ll be taking one bus ride in August, but fortunately it’s in the direction in which the bus hugs the inside, as opposed to wobbling near the precipice where the guard rail is supposed to be. I’ll need sharp reflexes by then…..

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