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Hawaii Nurse Jobs Update Oct 30 2013

Nursing Jobs in Honolulu

As of Oct 30, there are signs that the nursing market in Hawaii is looking better. In April I re-posted a link to an article in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that said we had a “saturated” job market.

The need for nurses isn’t going away

It’s just that we have a mismatch in the number being produced and the number we can absorb. this mismatch is due to accelerate. click here for a nifty graphic update about the need for nurses.

Geography Lesson

For those of you not living here, some geography is on order.

Most of the big hospitals are located in downtown urban Honolulu (yes, there is a city here. about 900,000 people. if we were on the mainland we’d have an NFL team. we are the 11th-largest city in the USA. we are not a foreign country.). But the population growth on the island of Oahu is planned to take place in the western side of the island, in the part called Kapolei. For years, there was a hospital in Kapolei, run by the Sisters of St Francis. It went bankrupt after running deficits for years, and hundreds of nurses became unemployed. The job market could not absorb so many nurses at the same time. The building sat vacant for awhile. It was/is a nice building. ample parking. central to their neighborhood. convenient for a whole bunch of people.

During that time, if you lived there and you wanted to go to the hospital you would need to drive on H-1, the most congested interstate highway in the USA ( how we got an interstate here, while we are separated from California by two thousand miles of open ocean, is a whole nother matter).

The building was finally bought by Queen’s Medical Center, the biggest hospital here. QMC has a “Magnet Nursing Service” and is very forward-thinking. they have planned to reopen the Kapolei building.

Job Fair(s)

which brings me to the next step. they will hold two job fairs for nurses in Honolulu, one this coming Saturday Nov 2nd in Kapolei, and another Nov 9th, the following week, in Manoa. they are hiring for all kinds of jobs, not just nurses.

Also, anecdotally, I have run into any more of my former students who are now finally getting out of the holding pattern and into new grad residency programs, particularly at Queen’s. The general consensus is that things are easing. I know I am biased, but I think UH is a terrific school of nursing, and I want to make sure our graduates get properly launched into becoming the fine nurses we educated them to be.

the link

If you want to get to a specific link for the job fair, CLICK HERE.

good luck on the job hunt!



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a Nurse looks at the shutdown Oct 8 2013

I have been at this a long time, and there are cycles in government funding of healthcare that come and go.

Let’s call it what it is. Racism

I have always thought that the Tea Party was full of racists, and I have not learned anything to suspect otherwise.
My formative years were spent in Boston in the 1970s, and I recall that the growth of private “Christian” schools nationwide was fueled by a reaction to court decisions that imposed forced busing as a means to desegregate schools. We’ve seen the “Christian” movement grow, to the point where the younger adherents who actually grew up with a deep background in the Bible are unaware of how it got started.

this is not a “Christian” blog, though I can’t separate my beliefs as to how we are all here to make things better, from my approach to nursing. If you, the reader, have not been to the site of “The Christian Left” I advise you to go there.

“What does it take to get it through people’s heads that we are being attacked from within? The attack started years ago inside the heart of America, the Christian churches. Yes, they took over the churches by twisting scripture and by fear mongering. Who would believe that Christians would be the ones who perpetrate an attack from within? They use their great wealth to create organizations that pose as grassroots gatherings of good people. These good Christian people are being used by evil men and they haven’t a clue. It isn’t just for more wealth, it’s an attack for complete power and those wealthy men eat their own believe me. They have twisted the minds of people into believing that helping the poor and elderly is going to cause them to loose their chance of salvation. They impoverish people to try to save themselves. That is why many good people are supporting this even though it hurts the weakest among us. This is an attack on America pure as if Russia had driven tanks across our borders.” —

Patricia Cooper, member of The Christian Left

The “Christian” movement has merged with the racist groups that have crawled out of a swamp.

I simply have too many friends that are members of “minority groups” to stand silent. I have to speak up.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

we need to reject the idea that God somehow wants us to act the way the Tea Party has been acting.

It is clear to me that the Tea Party also is conducting a War on Women. there are just too many misogynistic things going on to wink and smile.

Don’t bargain with terrorists

The Tea Party groups that are behind this shutdown are doing and end-around against the kind of democracy we have relied on since the beginning of this country.

Don’t think for one minute that the hostage-taking will end once the racists get their current demand. They will absolutely revisit every settled part of social security, medicare, women’s health – everything. everything you thought was a settled policy will now be back on the table.

And somehow nurses will get the short end of the stick.


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