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Welcome to Nursing in Hawaii blog

I don’t often add to this blog these days. Most often I blog at and I invite you to go there. That other blog is pretty much focused on health care and nursing in Nepal (and by extrapolation, South Asia). And even there I go through fits and starts of activity. As you may guess, I am more active when I am actually in Nepal. Interacting and having dialog with my colleagues there provides inspiration for new commentary.

When I was more active I tended to write about issues faced by new graduates when entering the workforce, from the perspective of being a faculty member who was sending them forward with great pride and hopefulness.


I loved Hawaii during the ten years I lived there, and I wish every nurse could have gotten the positive reception I did. The spirit of Aloha is real. I think people from Da Mainland expect that somehow everyone is happy-go-lucky… some sort of cartoon stereotype of what it means to be “native.” But the spirit of Aloha is something you can adopt as a hard-working member of the community.

One of the big surprises is the intelligence and work ethic of the average nurse or health care worker in the Aloha State. Hawaii is a model of how to have a diverse society for the rest of the USA.

Books, did you say?

I also have written two books, on the subject of health care in Nepal, and these can be obtained via Amazon. There is a separate blog for the second book, The Sacrament of the Goddess. I have been asked when the third will come out. Usually the question comes from a person who has no idea what it entails to write a book, (even a book as humble as mine). The answer? I don’t presently think I have it in me to devote that kind of obsessive effort.

Right Here, Right Now

I am back on the mainland USA, this time in Florida where my relatives have established a beachhead. I teach nursing to – “beginners.” This is the most fun level at which to introduce what it’s like to do this work. I am fortunate to share my job with colleagues and administrators I respect and enjoy.


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