F.A.Q.s about Joe and “The Nurse’s Brain”

Who is Joe Niemczura?

I am an RN.  Been one since 1977. Half that time I have done critical care nursing, the rest of the time I have been a teacher. I wrote a book, The Hospital at the End of the World. Buy a copy.

I have more than one blog, and on my other blog I write things that are more “fun.”

Focus of the blog

This blog is written for all the young nurses going forward with their life. My daughters are both grown but I recall what it was like to “launch” them. We are sending you out there with all the best wishes and intentions.

Google me

A lot of my advice is for my readers to take care of how they appear on the internet – time to follow my own advice! Google my name if you really need to know who I am.

what do you mean by “lovingkindness” on the title page?

Simple.  Lovingkindness is a principle of Buddhism. I am Catholic and I have worked with Christian Missionaries in Nepal; but like Francis Xavier and others, I see the value in Buddhist intellectual thought as applied to daily life.

is Hawaii really “paradise?”

The weather sure is nice here, especially in winter when Snowmageddon is happening in the eastern USA.  Most mornings I start off with a cup of coffee on my sixth-floor open-air Lanai, as the sun comes up.

A common misconception of visitors is that we are all living in grass huts on a secluded beach or that we party all the time. Honolulu is a city of nearly one million people, spread out over the twenty miles of southern shore on Oahu. We are too busy to party.  We spend our free time studying!

If Honolulu  were on the mainland, the city would be big enough to have it’s own NFL team.

How did you come up with the Road map idea?

Also knwon as the Nurse’s Brain. It is not something I invented, and I never claimed it to be. In summer of 1976 I had a summer job as an “Undergraduate Nurse” at Saint Vincent’s Hospital in Worcester, MA.   I had already done some clinical at University of Massachusetts at Amherst, but the staff at SVH could clearly see that I was disorganized. They kindly took me aside and explained how to do a Road Map. I have been indebted to the nurses from there ever since, and have always used a Road Map in clinical, at every job. Without fail. It is a hallmark of my teaching wherever I go. With it, we achieve. Having a Road Map will go a long way to solving the problems of the world!

Oh and by the way, Saint Vincent is still a fine hospital and I would go there in a trice if I were to be sick and be in central Massachusetts.

Any more answers?

only if somebody asks a question, sweetheart!


3 responses to “F.A.Q.s about Joe and “The Nurse’s Brain”

  1. I used to teach at Manoa, with Dianne Ishida & Jill Inouye — and others who have retired or gone elsewhere. I miss the Islands greatly. Aloha nui loa, and Mahalo for your book. Patricia A. McKnight, R.N., M.S.N., M.P.H.

  2. Susan

    I’m interested in the Road Map you mentioned. Where do I go to find it?

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