Nurses volunteer in Nepal 2015 – join me

Summary: If you wish to join me in Nepal in 2015, start thinking about it now.

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In summer 2011 I developed an innovative project to train nurses in critical care skills in the country of Nepal. I trained 190 nurses. It was my fourth trip to that country, and I applied things I learned the three previous trips.

go to to read about the 2011 trip.

and in case you have not figured out, my book about hospitals in Nepal is titled  The Hospital at the End of the World. It tells the story of my first trip, 2007.

You can get the book on Amazon. On FaceBook there is a fan page.  The stat box tells me I have 4,360 fans from all over the world. I don’t let that get to me. Being a fan of me is not the same as say, being a fan of Elvis.

You might as well check out my YouTube channel to see what it is like.


In 2013 I decided to call my project “CCNEPal 2013” and I had a sidekick from Canada who helped. Some of the nurses from 2011 also helped teach, and I developed them in to more skilled leaders for ACLS mega-code. We trained 534 nurses. there is a detailed report  on my other blog.


CCNEPal trained about 650 people in 2014 (it’s not over yet!). we worked in many locations throughout the country and experienced the welcoming hospitality for which Nepal is justly known. It was a hoot. We continued to develop Nepali expertise in leading these courses.


We are particularly looking for certified ACLS-I, PALS-I, or ACLS or PALS Regional Faculty, to bring this to the next level. You would need to “align” – you know the drill…… even if you only came for two weeks, you could help out teaching team with a course or two……

Bottom Line:

you would pay your own way. air tickets are the biggest single expense. They cost anywhere from $1500 to $2000 dollars. this is not cheap. once we get there the country is relatively inexpensive, but then again, that’s partly because I avoid staying at the touristy places. I live among the locals.

you would need to be a responsible person with some skills. I am especially looking for people with ACLS instructor skills.

Before you go further in thinking about joining me in Nepal, you should read my book, and spend some time browsing the YouTube, the blog, the fan page – the whole ball of wax.

also, on my other blog, there are two particular essays. The first is titled Twelve Steps to Prepare for Global Nursing and the second is Reprint of Interview with Joe Niemczura published in “Imprint” regarding volunteer nursing in Nepal. These two are full of helpful hints. To the uninitiated, this seems glamorous, but in fact, large segments are boring or uncomfortable.

To share you r nursing skills as a gift to the world is a fascinating form of cultural adventure travel. If you haven’t been scared off  after you read all the material above, send me an email. There will be further screening, mostly on how you deal with stress; but also on your use of alcohol. In brief, if you remotely think it’s a party opportunity, this is not for you.

if this appeals to you, and you want to know more, drop me an email –



6 responses to “Nurses volunteer in Nepal 2015 – join me

  1. smita sharma

    How long is the program thank u

  2. cyndi peterson

    Hey, would an “old” critical nurse/educator be a viable candidate? I could maybe throw some nursing students in as an incentive?

  3. There is “old” and then there is “seasoned”… you would fall into the “seasoned” category IMHO. The youth of today may be handicapped in certain ways – relying too much on technology, needing to always have an intensivist MD around so they themselves don’t have to make any assessments, using a model of nursing care that is not what they operate under in Nepal.

    At UMN, the NGO i went with the first three years, they relied on volunteer surgeons. They told me that the young surgeons who did their residency during the era of freely-available pre-op imaging were not as effective in Nepal as an older retired surgeon would be. A parallel exists for nurses.

    As to students: I leave the door open but I am leery about making some blanket statement. I brought two students in the past and one of them, who was older and “mature,” had a need for daily alcohol, which was quite a problem. (I admit that I did not screen as effectively as I should have.) This project has a definite focus, and while there will opportunities for cultural exploration, etc, it is a trip to Low INcome Country with problems, NOT a vacation. The person needs to know that there is no point at which they have the sole ability to make decisions for themselves, and that they are part of a team.

    In the meantime, invite all such persons to study the sites linked above – Fb fan page, YouTube, blog, etc

  4. Noran

    When is the deadline to apply for the team? I am 50 with 30 years nursing, and 25 in the ER. How physical is it?

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