Read This before you move to Hawaii to get a Nursing Job

Executive Summary: the job market for new grads here is “tight” like everywhere else. In the good old days you could move from one state to another and easily get a nursing job by walking in the door of a hospital. As of August 2012, this is not the case unless you have very specialized skills such as Open-heart surgery circulating nurse or some such.  If you are such a person, you will probably come here via a travel nurse agency.

Winter is approaching, and many nurses from Da Mainland, will be thinking of how to offer their skills in a tropical setting ( or semi-tropical).

Aloha! this blog is going to focus on the nursing scene here in the islands.

But before you start the process, there are three specific blog entries to look at. Do your homework!


The first is about the importance of cultural awareness. It’s titled Part One: Guide to Hawaiian Culture.  It is my opinion that every RN who moves here should be required to take a Continuing Education class on cross-cultural awareness. There is presently no such requirement; but – you will do better if you learn on your own.

In health care your colleagues will be highly educated persons, for whom local Hawaiian culture is subtle at times, but it is still there.  And the patients? definitely.

A book to read

The second is a book review of the single best book on the multicultural scene here. It’s Titled Peoples and Cultures of Hawaii

Oahu is “The Meeting Place”

and finally, though Hawaii is emphatically part of the USA, the advice for learning about a new culture is the same that I would use if you were going to Timbuktu. So read the one about Twelve Steps to prepare for Global health Nursing


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