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Oct 19th Nurses against Obamacare?

There are still nurses who are unsure about Obamacare.

This is the clearest description yet…

click here

oh, and by the way – I have worked in low income countries where there was no public health infrastructure, and where women’s and children’s health was not supportedI wrote a book about my experiences. browse this site and you can find my FaceBook fan page, etc.

If we continue to support the current GOP congress, we are headed there sooner than we think.

please share the video above with every nurse you know!


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Never Doubt the power of nursing

If you want to read about a country where health care is not a right or a privilege, buy my book.  would you want to get health care there?

The key to this entry is the hyperlinks. when there is an underlined piece of text or it’s in a different color, it leads to a video. Click on those.

thought for the day

watch this video. It shows Gabby Giffords leading the Pledge of Allegiance. bring a tissue.

Congressperson Giffords was severely injured in a shooting. She received first aid at the scene and was rushed to a hospital where doctors and nurses stabilized her. She was on a ventilator in an ICU for weeks. I don’t know the details of her hospital stay, but she was on  a mechanical ventilator and received excellent care if you ask me. Her husband made a video journal of her progress.



It didn’t stop in ICU.  She got excellent physical therapy and speech therapy.  I would be remiss if I did not mention those disciplines. I can see it by looking at her gait in the video of the Pledge.

Here is the punchline

Every one deserves that level of excellent, compassionate care.

Never doubt that national trends affect you when you work as a nurse at the bedside. When Romney and Ryan say they are going to cut health care costs, and roll back Obamacare, they mean it. For me, I have seen the cause-and-effect every time we elect a Republican. The war on Women is not limited to control of reproductive rights. It extends to a lack of care about occupations that are traditionally thought of as “Women’s Jobs.” Yes folks, that includes nursing, whether you are a male or a female nurse.

Here is the opinion of the American Nurses Association

don’t think “My congressperson is okay it’s the other congresspeople who are the problem”

we need to do more to elect people to congress who are likeminded. In some cases, the local voters figure “yes, congress is bad and they aren’t getting anything done, but my guy is okay”

No. If your guy is voting against women, voting against nurses, voting against health care, and trivializes the effect of sexual assault on women, then he’s not okay. Your guy is not helping.

Every family in America has something at stake in this election.  Every nurse knows the need to fund health care.

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Nurses have a lot at stake if Obamacare is repealed or the Ryan Budget is enacted

August 22nd Update: is there anybody left who thinks the GOP is not waging a “war on women?” If so, click on this link.

Please share this widely. here is the link to this blog: 


In the interest of full disclosure, I am a partisan Democrat. Have been all my life. I am committed to defending the underdogs of society.

Last spring I wrote a blog on the subject of Obamacare, saying that we need to keep it. I quoted an NPR radio piece where the economic specialists described how it seems as though health care is pitted against spending money on building roads.  Road-building is “men’s work” – somehow this means it is more valued by legislators than “women’s work????” – I just don’t think so. I am old enough to remember the Reagan Recession of 1982 in which households where the main breadwinner was a single woman were inordinately affected. I know lots of nurses who are single parents….. let’s think of a better way….. ( and by the way – Reagan was not such a great president….)

Then I left for the summer. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Affordable Care Act.


But the last shot has not been fired. Nobody should relax and think that the provisions of reform are safe.

The latest thing is The Romney/Ryan plan to replace Medicare with a voucher program. Ugh. Please do click on the link!!!!

Here is a YouTube Video from the Obama campaign, which every nurse needs to see:


We have a problem with vouchers. In brief, they are highly unlikely to cover enough of the costs, and people will be responsible to pay out-of-pocket. Paying out-of-pocket serves as a means of forcing people to self-ration the care they receive.

I know many senior citizens who are committed to never be a burden to their children, and who will go without needed services before asking their kids for money.

I also know many adult children who are caregivers for a frail elderly parent, and who spend a lot out-of-pocket even though they now have Medicare.

I have met women who have put off care for breast lesions because they were hoping it wasn’t cancer – and when it turned out that it was, they suffered needlessly because it was too advanced to treat. Metastatic breast cancer is not a happy way to die.


The reality is that money doesn’t actually cure anything; it’s the nurses and doctors and drugs and treatments that do the curing. All these things will disappear when the money dries up. Nursing agencies including home care, will close. Hospitals will close or cut back.

Here is a place where nurses need to educate the public as to the effects of cuts. Please share the video link widely.

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