Let’s Collaborate to teach Global Health Nursing

Special Offer for nursing faculty

My book, The Hospital at the End of the World, is not a scholarly book, but it does detail the day-to-day challenges of health care in a Low Income Setting.

Do you teach Global Health Nursing? Be advised, we can work out ways to enrich the class.

I can speak to your class

When I give book talks abot the book I use a PowerPoint that has gotten good reviews. It does not dwell on statistics but focuses on the lived experience and the bedside challenges. I use photos from my actual experience. For your class, I can email you the PowerPoint before hand, then narrate via phone link while the PPT is displayed. Alternatively, I can come there in person, but this of course costs money and we need to work around my school schedule.

You use the book as a course supplemental text

The book is a primary source, not a textbook per se. It can serve as the jumping off point for discussion.

We arrange to obtain multiple copies at a discount.

I can provide a set of learning objectives, as well as an open-ended study guide which the students can use to  apply issues in the book to Global Health Nursing


I now have Skype, and this means that I can do a Skype conference with your class.

My skype address is:     Joe.Niemczura1

I would happily be available to speak to your class.

I can provide various levels of tech-driven interfaces, such as my PowerPoint, or a YouTube Video, etc.

I am happy to answer emailed questions from students in classes who have read the book.

Please feel free to contact me. joeniemczura@gmail.com


PS there is a fee for various elements described above. Reasonable rates. Let’s talk…..


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