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Sept 1st back in USA

Hi –

I’m back in USA and still following the Nepal news.

I’ m keeping this blog “up” but not focusing on it right now. My main effort has been going to the blog that accompanies my second book, the novel about Nepal.

Nepal is presently in political turmoil (to say the least) and you can read my thoughts about it here.

sending the best karma to all my readers.


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Nursing in Hawaii blog is still on Hiatus while I’m in #Nepal until May 30

Thank you for wandering into this blog site!

Though it’s titled Nursing in Hawaii, most of it is devoted to general advice about nursing. There are three blog entries that seem to get the most hits – look on the list at the right and you can see them in all their glory.

Work in Hawaii?

I do have specific advice for nurses from the mainland who want to work in Hawaii. In summary, if you enjoy the cultural stuff, you will love it here. You can maximize your fun by studying the different cultures of the patients and co-workers you will meet. Browse the blog entries to find the gems…. I love Hawaii!


You may wondering why the blog is suspended. Well, the answer is, I have been following a lifelong dream and working in Nepal for a year. I am making a difference in health care in this country, and every day I thank God for designing my life so I can do this.

Read my Book?

My second book is a novel about Nepal health care. It’s titled The Sacrament of the Goddess, and there is a FaceBook page for it. Click here to get to the Amazon site.  Also I have another blog, just for the book.

The book is enjoying popularity here in Nepal, as crazy as that sounds. Want to read a review in Nepali language?

I will return to USA after May 30th.


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This blog is not dead, it’s in suspended animation

Why no entries lately?

I keep my blogs separate ( or try to…) and since I’m in Kathmandu, Nepal, the action has moved to my Critical Care Nursing in Nepal blog. Click here and you will be transported to that other place.

The Sacrament of the Goddess

in case you are wondering, my second book, the novel about love in the time of the Nepal Civil War, has been published in USA. You can find it on Amazon. No, it’s not on the New York Times Best Seller list. Not yet anyway.

Nepal edition?

I’m working to get it published in Nepal. The people here are interested in this book – after all, it’s about their country!

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what did you do for your summer vacation

school begins again soon.

if you really must know, here is what I was doing all summer….


It was fun but I will be happy to be back in a routine.

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Please help me get funding for 2013 trip to teach critical care nursing in Nepal

No, you do not have to send money; but I would truly appreciate a vote in this contest!

Background: There is a contest called the “Stay Thirsty Grant” which will award $25,000 to each of four finalists.  I submitted a video to the contest, and now I need as many votes and/or video views as possible before Oct 30th.

If I am a finalist, I still plan to self-fund my 2013 trip during summer break, but I can use the money to

a) bring more donated nursing textbooks;

b) fund some stipends to pay Nepali nurses who will help teach; and

c) buy some ACLS mannikins that will support the mega-code component of my teaching. I can also

d) bring the course more widely through the country.

The video can be found by clicking HERE, on Niemczura Stay Thirsty Grant October 2012.

PS people already told me there is no single “vote” button – I think the votes are tallied according to the number of YouTube video views. So – please share this as widely as you can.

I will keep you posted in case I am a finalist.

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